Professional Fittings for Pre/Post-Mastectomy Breast Prosthesis and Bras

Your need for bras and breast prostheses (breast-shaped piece worn inside bras to look like the shape of a real breast) will change before and after surgery. This is because your body can change after surgery and the bras you used before may not fit.

a) Prosthesis
After approximately 4-6 weeks, you can be fitted for a permanent prosthesis that will look and feel more like a natural breast. There are a large number of options available now to suit a woman’s individual body shape and needs, so the help of a certified fitter is highly recommended.
Whether or not to wear prosthesis is a personal choice. Many women want to wear one because they want to wear the same clothing that they wore prior to the surgery and they want to look symmetrical. There are other advantages to having a breast prosthesis;

  • Makes your clothes fit better
  • Gives you warmth
  • Protects your chest and scars
  • Helps balance your posture
  • Helps prevent problems with the curvature of the spine, shoulder drop, and muscular pain in the neck and back.

b) Bras
Post-surgical bras are styles of bras women wear while they are healing after breast surgery.

  • Post-surgical bras can give you comfort and protect your incisions (cuts made on your breast during surgery) as you heal.
  • Post-surgical bras open from the front using a zipper, hooks or velcro. They are easy to take on and off.
compression garment
compression stockings